As the company is transitioning under the leadership of Colton Shepherd, there is a focus on not only being known in the Gulf Coast, but being known on an international scale. With this huge goal in mind, Dynamic Laboratories is looking to technology for help.

About a year ago, our company’s website was not much more than a ‘business card’ type site. In the past the website wasn’t as important to our business as was word of mouth referrals and getting by with a great reputation. But, as the oil and gas industry has been low for the past few years now, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have a solid presence in the online community. Social media platforms and websites are not only a marketing tool, now they are actually being used to initiate business transactions. 

We launched a totally revamped and updated website in November of 2017, and made the announcement in the February issue of BIC magazine. This short blurb helps to showcase some of the site’s new features.  The new website is a continual work in progress that we are so excited to be ever-improving. We are really pleased to have a website that is more user friendly and that will help serve you,  our clients. (Click the image to checkout our announcement.)