Expert welder testing and welding procedure qualification.

Our certified and experienced personnel can qualify your welders, welding operators and welding procedures to specific code or to client specifications from our convenient location in La Porte, Texas.

We’ll supply all materials and tools as well as inspection to code or client specifications. Results and certifications are provided within four business hours of satisfactory completion of a welder’s final test.

Welder Testing and Certification In Houston, Texas

What is a Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ)?

A WPQ is a welder test certificate that shows your welders are qualified for the job at hand. This includes welding to the specifications of a particular standard and showing they are able to use the correct welding materials, processes and recommended procedures. Once your welders have completed the test weld we use destructive and non-destructive weld test to determine the welds meet the specified standard and quality. Once the welder has achieved an acceptable result they will receive a welder test certificate, the WPQ.

Get your welders certified in ASME, API, or AWS or customer specified standards at Dynamic Labs. Our facilities include 46 testing booths equipped with high grade, domestic materials. Our quick turnaround puts certification in your welder’s hands so you can get them to work!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Dynamic Laboratories treated me like a king, I was in a hurry, and they worked after hours, before hours and everything else to expedite what I needed.

Dan Almendarez, Manufacturing resident CWI & welding supervisor at Team Furmanite.

Dynamic Laboratories is my ‘go-to’ testing laboratory. If I call them at 5p.m. and need a weld procedure overnight, they do not hesitate. I have had them qualify weld procedures at 2 a.m. They alway go the extra mile whether it is overnight or all weekend.

Frede Maxwell, Director of welding programs at Team Furmanite
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